HERMÈS JAPON • windows



What could be more amazing than a pop up book? I open the page and «POP»! This book object tells stories through a savoir-faire based on the expression of surprise. At the same time, many of our daily routine gestures such as opening a box, opening a drawer, opening a door or a window seem banal and yet ….We always have a very short moment which arouses the imagination of each one to imagine, to invent what there is behind, inside, just after…..The pop up book represents and appeals to this moment of surprise that we can each feel at the moment when we open a gift, a box, a door, a drawer…

Hermès windows display Summer 2023. 15 stores all over Japan.

© Nacása & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of Hermès Japon. Created for Hermès direct stores windows, Summer 2023


  • Conception
  • Production follow up