HERMÈS JAPON • windows



A journey of initiation where nature is a cycle composed of unexpected assemblages and evoking lightness. In window 1, we have the feather tree. A feather from the tree has broken off and arrives in window 2 where the reeds have propellers that create wind. This feather decides to join two reed propellers to arrive in window 3, which has been transformed into a carriage. It flies over the palm tree which makes bubbles. With the help of an object from Maison Hermès, it captures bubbles and deposits them near the « Butterfly » tree to feed it. This new assembly allows the blooming of colored spiral flowers. These colored spiral flowers will then detach themselves and fly to the showcase windows to create the fruit plants… »

Hermès windows display Winter 2022. 27 stores all over Japan.

© Nacása & Partners Inc. / Courtesy of Hermès Japon. Created for Hermès direct stores windows, Winter 2022


  • Conception
  • Production follow up